Humidity Dataloggers

Humidity Dataloggers

Scigiene offers an excellent range of high accuracy dataloggers for ideal for everything from shipping, to warehousing, to productions environments, just out are our new 3c\temp RH dataloggers that are high accuracy, waterproof, have LCD displays and can be supplied with NFC and or as singe use models. Our Humimeter, Novus and Intech products also fill the line out for more specialized needs. Contact us today for more details.

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3C\TEMP-RH Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

Part #: MA0277
The 3C\TEMP-RH Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger is a revolutionary, multi-use, user progr (more...)
$135.00 (USD)
$182.25 (CAD)

MaxiLog RH USB Single Use Datalogger w/LCD

Part #: MA0127
Now enjoy direct USB connectivity with MaxiLog-RH, our single-use, compact, temperature and humidity (more...)
$32.00 (USD)
$43.20 (CAD)

3C\TEMP-RH Single-Use Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

Part #: MA0275
The 3C\TEMP-RH Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Logger is a revolutionary, single-use, user programm (more...)
$58.00 (USD)
$78.30 (CAD)

3C\TEMP-RH Temperature & Humidity Single-Use

Part #: MA0260
This revolutionary, single-use, pre-programmed, electronic temperature data recorder is specifically (more...)
$36.00 (USD)
$48.60 (CAD)

Marathon 3CTEMP LCD-RH digital display temperature & RH data logger

Part #: MA0289
The 3CTEMP LCD-RH is a reliable and cost-effective digital temperature and humidity recorder for all (more...)
$85.00 (USD)
$114.75 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-RHT/LCD Dual Channel Temperature & Humidity Dataloggers

Part #: NV-8813003005
Logbox-RHT and LogBox-RHT-LCD are dual channel data loggers with built-in temperature and relative h (more...)
$209.00 (USD)
$282.15 (CAD)

Heat Stress Monitor

Part #: SP-800034
Government organizations such as OSHA have set recommended heat stress limits for various activities (more...)
$130.00 (USD)
$175.50 (CAD)

Intech Humidity & Temperature Datalogger

Part #: IT0223
The IT0223 is a small Dual Channel High Resolution (10 bit) Humidity and Temperature data logger hou (more...)
$575.00 (USD)
$776.25 (CAD)