Scigiene offers a wide variety of temperature dataloggers for all your monitoring needs. We offer both single-use and multi-use options for shipping and production temperature monitoring applications. These are temperature and RH models with options for LCD displays, NFC communication, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and various probe options and much more. These can be connected to our software and APPs for fast easy reports to provide instant validation and store temperature readings for documentation and reports. The LCD series offers IP66 waterproof protection as well! We also offer options for HACCP, GMP and 21 CFR-part 11 compliance. Our high temperature Pasteurcyl and SterilDisk models are the most accurate, most compact and most durable in their class of dataloggers.  These high grade IP68 loggers are great for high temperature and pressure applications, such as cook houses, retorts and autoclaves or can be customized to meet many process needs. If you need a datalogger and do not see it here please call us and we will be happy to guide you through the selection process and guide you to the most suitable dataloggers.

Sub Categories

Multi-Use Dataloggers

Scigiene introduces Marathons newest latest and greatest dataloggers products. Probes on some models can be customized or interchanged and all Marathon data logger are supplied NIST traceable.&nb (more...)

Single-Use Dataloggers

Our Marathon Single use dataloggers cover temperature from -200C to 70C to cover all shipping needs. These easy to use temperature dataloggers come pre-programmed for time and temperature/RH limits. (more...)

LORA Wireless Dataloggers

Our NEW EDL LORAWAN wireless data loggers utilize powerful LORA radio frequencies to transmit  over 1500m to monitor temperature and relative humidity at chosen intervals. All sensors are fu (more...)

Ultra Low Temperature Dataloggers

Marathons -80C and -200C dataloggers have long been the leaders in this category. This is the core of the Marathon line so you can be sure they are the best. 

Min/Max Datalogging Thermometers

Scigiene offer a wide range of thermometers to display and alarms the Minimum and Maximum temperature. Our specially designed Min-Max and Min-Max Plus are unique among all makes of Min-Max thermometer (more...)

Sterilization Pasteurization Dataloggers

Scigiene High Temperature dataloggers are all specially designed for high temperature applications from -20°C up to 140°C and pressures up to 4 bar. They are made of rugged Stainless Steel to keep t (more...)

Pressure Dataloggers

Scigiene offers range of pressure data loggers, sensors and transmitters all for a wide range of pressure applications. The standard models can in some cases be fitted with alternative pressure sens (more...)

Humidity Dataloggers

Scigiene offers an excellent range of high accuracy dataloggers for ideal for everything from shipping, to warehousing, to productions environments, Just out are our new 3c\temp RH dataloggers that a (more...)

Process Control/Environmental/Analog Dataloggers

Scigiene offers an extensive array of process and environmental dataloggers and controls for integrating with existing or new analog sensors as well customized sensors. These systems range from SCAD (more...)

Thermal Profilers (Oven Profile Dataloggers)

Scigiene offers a range of customizable Oven Profilers that incorporate multiple external probes to record oven temperatures above products, in products and across the span of your belt to give (more...)