Food Moisture Analyzers

Food Moisture Analyzers
All humimeter grain moisture meters are whole grain meters and very easy to use: Fill in the test sample into the measuring chamber and read off the water content (in %) and the sample temperature (in °C or °F as required) on the large back lit display. All humimeter moisture meters are equipped with an automatic self-calibration function.

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AW3 Water Activity Meter Kit

Part #: HM-AW3-KITA / KITB
The AW3 Humimeter is ideal for measuring “REAL” water activity of most foods, pharmaceuticals and ot (more...)

FL1 Humimeter - Straw and Hay Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-12245
The Humimeter FL1 hay moisture meter enables a quick and easy measurement: Plug the probe into the h (more...)
$324.50 (USD)
$438.08 (CAD)

FL2 Humimeter- Hay Moisture Tester

Part #: HM-12290
The Humimeter FL2 hay moisture tester is very well suited for producers, traders and end customers. (more...)
$759.00 (USD)
$1,024.65 (CAD)

FLH humimeter - Hops Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-13157
The humimeter FLH hops moisture meter can determine the water content of hop bales, hops equilibrium (more...)
$319.00 (USD)
$430.65 (CAD)

FSG Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-13200
The FSG food moisture meter offers fast and reliable nondestructive measurements of the water conten (more...)
$1,859.00 (USD)
$2,509.65 (CAD)

FSA - Whole Grain Moisture Analyzer

Part #: HM-13000
Fully automatic Whole Grain Analyzer with integrated determination of hectolitre weight and infrared (more...)
$3,729.00 (USD)
$5,034.15 (CAD)

FS4 - Universal Grain Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-11725
The FS4 is a fast and accurate Universal Whole Grain Moisture Meter with 300g sample weight and samp (more...)
$2,013.00 (USD)
$2,717.55 (CAD)

FS3 - Food Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-12291
Whole grain Food Moisture Meter with 300 gram sample weight and sample temperature measurement for (more...)
$1,298.00 (USD)
$1,752.30 (CAD)

FS2 - Grain Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-11753
The humimeter FS2 grain tester is a fast and accurate whole grain tester with 300g sample weight and (more...)
$869.00 (USD)
$1,173.15 (CAD)

FS1 & FS1.1 - Low Volume Grain Moisture Meters

Part #: HM-11752/HM-12819
The FS1 and FS1.1 are fast and reliable low volume Grain Moisture Meters for maize, rye, triticale, (more...)
$396.00 (USD)
$534.60 (CAD)

Humimeter FLM – Marijuana Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-13157-M
The Humimeter FLM Marijuana moisture meter is simply the most accurate and first of the kind instant (more...)
$1,059.50 (USD)
$1,430.33 (CAD)

FSO Precise Fully Automatic Online Whole Grain Moisture Measuring System

Part #: HM-13900
The FSO precise fully automatic online whole grain moisture measuring system in the bypass with inte (more...)
$13,625.00 (USD)
$18,393.75 (CAD)

AW1 Water Activity Meter Kit

Part #: HM-AW1-KITA/B
This portable instrument is used for the determination of water activity (aw value) of food with dat (more...)

AW2 Water Activity Meter Kit

Part #: HM-AW2-KITA/B
This portable instrument is used for the determination of water activity (aw value) of food with dat (more...)