AW3 Water Activity Meter Kit B

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The AW3 Humimeter is simply the most accurate Aw meter due to a combination of its unique features: 

1. All Humimeter Aw models gently circulate the air in the chamber to prevent stratification + equalize the temperature

2. The AW3 utilizes a thermal barrier to further stabilize the temperature. Even 2C variances that are typical in an average room over the typical 2-5 min Aw cycle will increase errors significantly.  *See Aw Paper

3. We Utilize a grinder to finely grind products before testing. The finer a product is ground, The greater the surface area to enhance moisture equalization within the Aw Chamber. Larger Chunks will not equilibrate within 5 minutes.

- Combining Finely Ground Samples, A Thermal Barrier to control temperatures, and air circulation makes this the only Aw meter to give "REAL" Aw readings typically in under 5 minutes.

Features & Specifications

- Relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point, equilibrium moisture content, real Aw value in < 5min

- Long stability humidity sensor

- Easy data storage in the portable AW3 meter

- Analysis on the PC and printer available

- Optimal documentation of your quality

- Measuring range 0.03 to 0.98 activity of water

- Resolution 0.001 aw

- Calibration 0.10 to 0.80 +/- 0.01 activity of water

- User programmable characteristic curves for calculation of equilibrium moisture content

- Temperature range 0°C to + 50°C, Thermal Barrier Cup to increase Thermal stability & accuracy

- Measuring range of RH:  0 to 100% RH, resolution: 0.1% RH

- Temperature can be set to °C or °F as required

- Dew point -55°C to + 60°C, resolution 0.1°C, -67°F to 140°F

- Absolute humidity 0 to 130 g/m³, resolution 0.1 g/m³

- Equilibrium moisture content 2% to 30%

- Synthetic granules resolution 0.01 %

- Online-function, Hold function, manual data memory

- Automatic data logging for 10,000 logs with measuring point report

- Menu languages: English, French, German and many others on request

- AW3 Kit B includes: Humimeter measuring device with 500ml water activity measuring chamber with 2 meter connection cable, certification of Humimeter with Aw sensor, 10 certified single use Aw standards, 1 saturated salt standard 1 x 125 ml  polypropylene Aw Jars , Thermal barrier,  sample grinder with shield, USB data interface module with LogMemorizer measuring data recording and analysing software on USB flash drive and plastic case.


Optional Accessories

Part #: SC-10403
$130.00 (USD)
$188.50 (CAD)
Certification of Humimeter with Aw sensor

Part #: SC-AW3650
$150.00 (USD)
$217.50 (CAD)
Certified calibration standards set of 10 x 10ml @ 0.500 AW. For use with AW1/2/3

Part #: SC-AW3680
$150.00 (USD)
$202.50 (CAD)
Certified calibration standards set of 10 x 10ml @ 0.800 AW. For use with AW1/2/3

Part #: SC-PP125
$45.00 (USD)
$65.25 (CAD)
Sample jars for AW2 + AW3 meters measuring chamber with twist-off lid, 10 units for a filling quantity of max. 50 ml

The frute Precision RH & Temp plug-in sensor for material moisture Sensor head 30 cm stainless tube (more...)

Part #: HM-12032
$289.80 (USD)
$420.21 (CAD)
FLH Humidity and temperature sensor with 2 meter connecting cable, High Accuracy hand held RH probe with 2 meter cable

Part #: HM-12514
$195.30 (USD)
$283.19 (CAD)
Relative humidity sensor. Air humidity: 0 to 100%. Temperature: -10 to +60°C.Connector of an ext (more...)

Part #: HM-12513
$94.50 (USD)
$137.03 (CAD)
Pluggable Infrared temperature sensor. Temperature: -25 to 125°C. Infrared optics: 1:10. With this (more...)

Part #: HM-12627
$453.60 (USD)
$657.72 (CAD)
Bluetooth module, pluggable, class 1 (up to 100 metres) module for humimeter devices with USB interface and appropriate software

Part #: HM-14433
$428.40 (USD)
$621.18 (CAD)
Thermo printer runs by battery, industrial model, portable (only with article no. 12278) Dimensions: (more...)

Part #: SC13624
$77.00 (USD)
$111.65 (CAD)
Plastic case for Water activity meters. Optional accessory that is suitable for the AW1, AW2 and AW3 models