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Scigiene offer a cost effective range of Dryblock and conventional incubators to meet a wide range of microbiology and biotech needs. Our Dryblock models are state of the art and very competitive. If (more...)


Scigiene has an excellent range of Vortexers and Shakers for all you Microbiology and Biotechnology needs . This section is expending so please contact us for full details on all models and the accessories available. 

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Cryogenic Boxes

Part #: MB-R2081/MB-R2100/MB-C2581
New ultra-low temperature storage boxes are designed to hold 1.2mL to 2.0mL cryogenic storage vials. (more...)

Soft Nitrile Examination Gloves

Ambidextrous gloves protect hands from a broad range of chemicals and biohazards. •Ambidextrous •Pow (more...)