Pulp Mills

Pulp Mills

It might seem contradictory to worry about moisture in pulp chips or incoming paper for recycling when after all you are simply soaking them in water to begin the paper making process. And yet if your job is to cut costs this is the low hanging fruit we should be grasping for.

If your incoming paper from recycling or pulp chips are too high in moisture you are paying for water. You might even pay 2x here. Extra fuel for the heavier load and less cellulose. Let us show you how easy this can be to control. The saving will likely pay for us to retrofit all the other outdated analyzers in your mill as well?    

As you convert the pulp to paper in line analyzers are needed to monitor the paper as it is being made and dried.  Our inline analyzers can be outfitted with various outputs to allow easy integration to existing PLC’s and control systems. No need to replace the controls. But upgrading the “eyes” of your system can improve operations. And before you ship products you want to test and certify the large finished rolls meet specification. Testing in the lab is not quite obsolete but we can speed up the testing and improve those parts using rapid at line analyzers such as the PM5 to test rolls or even large cut sheets.  The PMSA is the “TELSA” of moisture analyzer.  Mr. Tesla himself would be proud of the technology. This is the finest single sheet moisture analyzer there is. When calibrated correctly its repeatability will exceed even the most precise drying oven methods.  

Suggested Products:

Product NumberDescription

BMA-2 Humimeter Wood Chip Moisture Meter


Humimeter BMC Moisture Meter for Wood Chips


Humimeter BLL Wood Chips Moisture Meter with Insertion Probe


BL2 Humimeter Wood and Wood Chip Moisture Meter


BP1 Wood Pellets Moisture Meter


HGT Humimeter Wood Chip Moisture Transmitter


Humimeter Universal Online Moisture Transmitter


LF-TD-H Wood Moisture Transmitter