Humimeter Universal Online Moisture Transmitter

Price: $3,338.34
Price: $4,506.76


The Humimeter Universal Online Moisture Transmitter is ideal for determining the water content of wood chips. And can be used in your dryer, oven or other plant operations for integration with existing controls since it has an analog output. Knowing your moisture content live allows you to better control your moisture content which in turn enables a reduction of energy consumption making your oven more energy efficient. This in turn has an overall effect of increasing efficiency in your plant, thus resulting in a higher quality product as well. As the wood chip moisture transmitter is easily calibrated, the installation can be completed with little effort.

Features & Specifications:

  • For online installation in a screw conveyor determination of water content of wood chips class P16 to P45. Close material contact to measuring surface of sensor required
  • Large, well-lit LCD display and keypad
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Further sensors on request (dependent on the application)
Measuring range: 
10 to 50% water content (represents 100% wood moisture) dependent upon the specific application
Calibration accuracy to reference material: 
+/- 2.5% (depending on material)
Analogue outputs: 
4-20 mA for water content and optionally temperature
Power supply:
24VDC (15 to 29VDC)

Optional Accessories

Part #: HM-12327
$271.74 (USD)
$366.85 (CAD)
Replacement analogue output for temperature measurement. Sample temperature measurement -10 to + 70° (more...)

Electrode 40mm length made of stainless steel, 3, 8mm, without insulation for use with HM-12849.

Cable for sawn timber drying chamber of 5 meters length, for connection of 2 electrodes part number (more...)

Cable with temperature sensor ( 5 meters length) for sawn timber drying chamber, for connection to u (more...)