Moisture, Water Activity & Humidity

Moisture, Water Activity & Humidity

Scigiene offers a wide range of quality moisture and humidity monitoring products varying from basic pocket hygrometers up to the leading edge Humimeter line with specialized sensors for fast accurate analysis or product in line at the line and in the lab. These include  industrial grade moisture sensors for Food, Pharmaceutical, Paper/Board, Bioenergy as well as a wide range of other Material and Building applications. 

Sub Categories

Water Activity

Scigiene introduce the Humimeter Water activity meters. These are ideal for measuring “REAL” water activity versus “Hypothetical Aw that other makes use software to generate. All Humimeter models use (more...)

Moisture Analyzers

Schaller products are the leading products when it comes to moisture analyzers. Each humimeter device offers unique advantages for their relevant areas of application. The powerful and revolutionary (more...)

Humidity Dataloggers

Scigiene offers an excellent range of high accuracy dataloggers for ideal for everything from shipping, to warehousing, to productions environments, just out are our new 3c\temp RH dataloggers that ar (more...)


Scigiene offers an excellent range of hand held hygrometers from basic pocket models all the way up to the precision RH1 and RH2 models with optional external probes, certifications, datalogging, Bluetooth and much more.

Moisture & Humidity Wireless Sensors

Scigiene offers a wide variety of moisture and humidity wireless monitoring systems. We offer both our Gen 1 wireless systems and the powerful 21CFR Gen 2 systems for all your monitoring needs. Our li (more...)

Humidity Controllers & Transmitters

Scigiene offers an excellent selection of Humidity and Temperature Controllers and Transmitters to manage almost any process control related needs. Ask about calibrations and certification options or (more...)

Humidity Chart Recorders

Scigiene offers a range of chart recorders using replaceable charts for temperature, humidity and analog signals. Please review the attached products and /or contact us if you need any special features.


Scigiene offers N.I.S.T. traceable certification and calibrations of most thermometers and dataloggers. Certifications are done using a Precision Calibration System in the temperature range of -20°C (more...)