Hygiene Monitoring

Hygiene Monitoring
Scigiene is the Canadian Distributor for Hygiena Hygiene Monitoring Systems designed for use in Food Processing, Hospitals, Restaurants, Supermarkets and any other manufacturing Industry where rapid detection of contamination is crucial. The SystemSure Plus and EnSURE meters when used with the UltraSnap and SuperSnap swabs are the industry leading systems used for hygiene monitoring by indicating level of ATP present that in turn indicate potential microbial presence. For basic allergen and hygiene monitoring the AllerSnap and PROCLEAN swabs detect low levels of proteins. The absence of these proteins is a good indicator of the absence of allergens and of a hygienic surface.

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ATP Hygiene: Hygiena Systems

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Hygiena products including the industry leading SystemSure Plus, EnSURE, and EnSURE Touch hygiene meters utilizing the UltraSnap, SuperSnap, and AquaSnap ATP t (more...)

Protein/Allergen Test Swabs

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Hygiena and supplies the Proclean and Allersnap swabs for detecting residual proteins. This low level detection of proteins can be used for sanitation verifica (more...)

Lactose/Glucose Test Swabs

The SpotCheck Plus provides both glucose & lactose detection. Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if any residue containing glucose and/or lactose is present the reagent will turn gree (more...)

Test Strips

Choose from a wide range test strips & test papers for your disinfection, pH, water & more. All come with a minimum guaranteed 3 year shelf life.