Handheld Probe Thermometers

Handheld Probe Thermometers

Scigiene offers an excellent range of high accuracy handheld probe thermometers for a full range of uses. Most models are waterproof, with some displaying to +-0.01C and with a wide range of standard or custom probes.

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Bluetooth HACCP Thermometer

Part #: TCK512BTFP
Scigiene’s NEW Bluetooth HACCP thermometer is a high-quality waterproof folding thermocouple thermom (more...)
$68.00 (USD)
$91.80 (CAD)

Professional Gen 2 Wireless Food Thermometer with curved probe

Part #: RFP-0225-2
The Professional Gen 2 Food Probe assesses the temperature of solid or liquid foods to ensure they a (more...)
$280.50 (USD)
$378.68 (CAD)

Waterproof Digital HACCP Thermometer

Part #: RD3305
Waterproof Digital HACCP Thermometer
$50.00 (USD)
$67.50 (CAD)

Thermometer Waterproof RTD -100°C to +300°C with Stainless Steel Probe 4.5"

Part #: RD0370
This NEW waterproof RTD thermometer is extremely accurate and ideal for food plants or any other app (more...)
$139.00 (USD)
$187.65 (CAD)

Thermometer Type K Thermocouple -50C to +1300C

Part #: TK0305B
Portable, rugged and compact, this is a cost effective digital thermometer, with type K thermocouple (more...)
$80.00 (USD)
$108.00 (CAD)

HACCP I.R. with  folding probe & HACCP zone Display, -55 to +250C

Part #: TCT303F
2-in-1 waterproof IR thermometer for food and HACCP temperature monitoring. Features a built-in stai (more...)
$85.00 (USD)
$114.75 (CAD)

Waterproof Dual Channel RTD Thermometer with Stainless Steel Probes

Part #: RD0372
This 2-channel Waterproof RTD thermometer is extremely accurate and ideal for food plants or any oth (more...)
$195.00 (USD)
$263.25 (CAD)