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LogBox-AA Dual Channel Analog/Temperature Datalogger

Part #: NV-8813002000
The Dual Channel LogBox-AA directly accepts several analog industrial signals and sensors as voltage (more...)
$154.00 (USD)
$207.90 (CAD)

Micro Pipette

Part #: CM2704708
This is the perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer a (more...)
$236.00 (USD)
$318.60 (CAD)

Micro DL Economic 4K Datalogger w/LCD, -10°C to +72°C

Part #: MA0210
The red micro-DL4 has a 4K memory and a temperature range of -10°C to +72°C with a +/- 0.5°C accurac (more...)
$65.00 (USD)
$87.75 (CAD)

Micro-DL 32K Datalogger, -40C to +72C

Part #: MA0212
The Silver micro-DL32 has a 32K memory and a temperature range of -40C to +72C with a +/- 0.2C accur (more...)
$115.00 (USD)
$155.25 (CAD)

Micro DL 64K Datalogger, -40C to +72C

Part #: MA0213
The Silver micro-DL64 has a 64K memory and a temperature range of -40C to +72C with a +/- 0.2C accur (more...)
$255.00 (USD)
$344.25 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor

Part #: RFW-0230
This Wi-Fi wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure temperatures.
$156.45 (USD)
$211.21 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Part #: RFW-0232
The Wi-Fi wireless humidity sensors allow you to monitor the relative humidity of the air within a r (more...)
$187.95 (USD)
$253.73 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Voltage Meter Sensor - 1.2 VDC

Part #: RFW-0234
The Wi-Fi wireless voltage meters are capable of measuring the voltage off another device, battery, or sensor.
$156.45 (USD)
$211.21 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor with 3' probe

Part #: RFW-0245
The Wi-Fi line of wireless temperature sensors are available with both Thermistor and RTD sensors fo (more...)
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Open/Closed Sensor

Part #: RFW-0247
Wireless open/closed sensors provide information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Kno (more...)
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Dry Contact Sensor

Part #: RFW-0249
The Wi-Fi wireless dry contact sensors can be used to detect contact between two wired contact points
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Button Press Sensor

Part #: RFW-0250
The touch activated Wi-Fi wireless button sensor allows a notification signal to be sent when immedi (more...)
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Vibration Detection Sensor

Part #: RFW-0271
The Wi-Fi wireless vibration detection sensors can be used in a host of applications where detecting vibration, or sudden movement
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Water Detection Sensor

Part #: RFW-0273
The Wi-Fi wireless water detection sensor alerts you of potential property damage that results from (more...)
$156.45 (USD)
$211.21 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Asset Sensor

Part #: RFW-0279
The Wi-Fi wireless asset sensor can be attached to an asset or object and outputs an RF signal at se (more...)
$156.45 (USD)
$211.21 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Infrared Motion Sensor

Part #: RFW-0280
The Wi-Fi wireless motion sensors use an infrared sensing technology to accurately detect movements (more...)
$177.45 (USD)
$239.56 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Magnet Detection Sensor

Part #: WiFi-RFW-0248
wireless magnet detection sensors can be used to detect the presence of a magnetic source
$166.95 (USD)
$225.38 (CAD)

Novus Universal Indicator N480i

Part #: NV-80480I0004
The Universal Indicator N480i is a complete and yet easy-to-use instrument which is housed in a comp (more...)
$64.00 (USD)
$86.40 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N1020

Part #: NV-8102010000
The temperature controller N1020 features advanced performance capability for the most complex and c (more...)
$69.50 (USD)
$93.83 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N1200

Part #: NV-8120000210
N1200 is an advanced self-adaptive PID controller that constantly monitors the process performance a (more...)
$153.00 (USD)
$206.55 (CAD)

Novus Process Controller N120 USB

Part #: NV-81200A1000
N120 is a versatile process controller. It holds in one single instrument all the main features need (more...)
$143.00 (USD)
$193.05 (CAD)

Novus Universal Input Indicator N1500

Part #: NV-8150000020
The N1500 Universal Process Indicator is a high performance instrument used for monitoring analog si (more...)
$171.00 (USD)
$230.85 (CAD)

Novus Universal Process Indicator N1500G

Part #: NV-81500G0210
This high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high vi (more...)
$444.00 (USD)
$599.40 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N2000

Part #: NV-8200000220
Ideal for high performance applications, this instrument has all the features need for most industri (more...)
$178.00 (USD)
$240.30 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N3000 RS485

Part #: NV-8300000220
This is a fully featured high performance controller, equipped to handle the most advanced industria (more...)
$180.00 (USD)
$243.00 (CAD)

Novus RHT-WM Microprocessor Based RH & Temp. Wall Mount Transmitter (4-20mA out)

Part #: NV-8803006706
The RHT-WM and RHT-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability rela (more...)
$188.00 (USD)
$253.80 (CAD)

Novus TxRail/TxIsoRail DIN rail mounting Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8806020406
Fully programmable Transmitters for Pt100 and Thermocouple sensors.
$103.00 (USD)
$139.05 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-RHT/LCD Dual Channel Temperature & Humidity Dataloggers

Part #: NV-8813003005
Logbox-RHT and LogBox-RHT-LCD are dual channel data loggers with built-in temperature and relative h (more...)
$209.00 (USD)
$282.15 (CAD)

Novus AirGate Modbus (Gateway RS485/Wireless) 10 to 35 VDC

Part #: NV-8816041310
AirGate-Modbus is a wireless multifunctional gateway that allows the transparent and easy insertion (more...)
$334.00 (USD)
$450.90 (CAD)

Hygiena Dual Pre-Set Mini Dry Block Incubator

Part #: ATP-600D
The Hygiena Dry Block Incubator is pre-set to 30°C or 37°C and holds up to 10 tests and a reference thermometer at one time.
$225.00 (USD)
$303.75 (CAD)

InfraRed Gun Style Thermometer with laser pointer

Part #: RD0350
This easy to use infrared thermometer features a simple one handed operation for surface measurement (more...)
$45.00 (USD)
$60.75 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Low Temperature Sensor

Part #: RFW-0226
This Wi-Fi wireless low temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure low temperatures.
$277.20 (USD)
$374.22 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi Water Temperature Sensor

Part #: RFW-0228
This Wi-Fi wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure water temperatures.
$177.45 (USD)
$239.56 (CAD)

Wireless Wi-Fi High Temperature Sensor

Part #: RFW-0229
This Wi-Fi wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure high temperatures.
$214.20 (USD)
$289.17 (CAD)

Professional Series Recalibratable Waterproof Digital Folding Thermometer

Part #: FP180
Professional Series Recalibratable Waterproof Digital Folding Thermometer
$29.63 (USD)
$40.00 (CAD)