Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Scigiene offers a wide variety of wireless monitoring systems for temperature, humidity, current, voltage, vibration and much more. We offer both our Gen 1 wireless systems and the powerful 21CFR Gen 2 systems for all your monitoring needs. Our line of wireless sensors are available in various compact, durable models and are ideal for a wide variety of applications. The data received via our Receivers and Repeaters is then displayed in either our Premier online wireless sensor monitoring and notification Software or PC based software  to meet whatever needs you have.

Sub Categories

Scigiene-21CFR Gen 2 Systems

The Scigiene wireless 21CFR Gen 2 Systems are everything that you need for remote monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Current, Voltage, Vibration and much more. It is ideal for pharmaceutical, medica (more...)


Our NEW EDL LORAWAN wireless data loggers utilize powerful LORA radio frequencies to transmit  over 1500m to monitor temperature and relative humidity at chosen intervals. (more...)