Scigiene offers the highest quality displides available any where due to higher quality control right from production of the plastics through addition of the agar and extended testing. The agar on our slides is thicker than most makes to give superior recovery and longer shelf life.

We also offer the most extensive range of displides allowing you to conduct more tests using this superior test method. The advantage of dipslides are  numerous:

Dipslides are doubled sided allowing 2 microbial tests to be conducted at once decreasing labour.

After sampling they are sealed therefore preventing cross contamination that can occur when using other agar based methods.  

We offer an extensive range of dipslides that incorporate Neutralizers As most traditional prepared plates and films do not have neutralizers they can result in false negatives.

Slides with Neutralizers can be used direct on surfaces (no swabs needed) to save time and labour as well as swab costs.  Since no dilution is done the sensitivity is also greater.  

Since testing can be done in house the results will be faster and far less costly. Also the results will be more accurate since inhouse tests do not suffer from culture growth or die off that occurs to samples in transit.

We are also happy to discuss custom lots or other special needs. 

Sub Categories


Scigiene’s Generic displides offer the widest range of dipslides any where in including combinations for TPC, Yeast & Mold, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms and more. One specialty we offer are dipsl (more...)


Scigiene offers the widest range of species specific dipslides any where. The result is that we can speed your results and reduce your microbial testing costs and provide superior results. Traditional (more...)