ATP Hygiene: Hygiena Systems

ATP Hygiene: Hygiena Systems
Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Hygiena products including the industry leading SystemSure Plus and EnSURE hygiene meters utilizing the UltraSnap and SuperSnap ATP test swabs. Additionally we can now use MicroSnaps for pathogen detection and SuperSnaps or AllerSnaps for allergen screening.

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Hygiena EnSURE V2 high sensitivity Hygiene Meter

Part #: ATP-206
one instrument platform to collect, analyze, and report data from multiple quality indicators
$1,803.50 (USD)
$2,615.08 (CAD)

Hygiena SuperSnap - ATP swab with increased buffering and sensitivity

Part #: ATP3000
The most sensitive ATP surface test in our hygiene product line.
$278.65 (USD)
$404.04 (CAD)

Hygiena Control Rod Kit

Part #: ATP4000
Control Rod kits should be used to verify stability of Hygiena SystemSURE Plus and EnSURE luminomete (more...)
$355.15 (USD)
$514.97 (CAD)

Scigiene Certified Calibration Rod Kit

Part #: ATP4001-CT-S/ATP4001-CT-E
Scigiene Certified Calibration Rod kits should be used to verify the calibration of Hygiena SystemSu (more...)
$415.15 (USD)
$601.97 (CAD)

Hygiena Contamination Control Kit - ATP Test Kit

Part #: ATP-CCK4
The Contamination Control Kit is a high-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid sa (more...)
$245.90 (USD)
$356.56 (CAD)

Hygiena EndoSwab – Endoscope Swab

Part #: ATP-END100
The EndoSwab enables cleaning verification of scopes or other reusable instruments with hard to reach internal channels.
$281.95 (USD)
$408.83 (CAD)

Hygiena Aquasnap - ATP Water Testing Device

Part #: ATP-150/ATP-151
Aquasnap is a user-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with the Hygiena SystemSU (more...)
$259.00 (USD)
$375.55 (CAD)

Hygiena SystemSure Plus V2 Meter

Part #: ATP-202
Hygiena SystemSURE Plus is the best-selling hygiene monitoring system on the market. This new V2 mod (more...)
$1,564.80 (USD)
$2,268.96 (CAD)

Hygiena Ultrasnap - ATP swab tester

Part #: ATP-2020
Ultrasnap is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling device used with the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP201 luminometer.
$234.95 (USD)
$340.68 (CAD)