Hygiena Contamination Control Kit - ATP Test Kit

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The Contamination Control Kit is a high-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples. It provides expanded flexibility over all-in-one test devices such as Watershot™ & Aquasnap™ by allowing sample cleanup in the case of high quenching, particulates or fibers in aqueous samples. It uses unique liquid-stable reagent which eliminates reconstitution of the Contamination Control Kit comes with an ATP standard and 100 cuvettes making it a complete kit. Intended to replace the Multitrace Kit™.
Key Benefits:
  • Detects microbial and nonmicrobial contamination
  • Uses liquid-stable reagents versus lyophilized - 4 bottles versus 20 vials
  • Extended shelf life – 12 months
  • Offers flexibility when dealing with challenging samples
  • Ideal solution for measuring contamination in process water, wastewater, water tanks and cooling towers
  • Kit includes all components plus ATP standard
  • Reduces cost by up to 30% and saves time
Additional Requirements:
  • Hygiena Luminometer (Part#: ATP-201)
  • Hold-Rite Applicator (Part#: ATP-HR002)
  • Pipette and ATP-free tips for 100ul volume.

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