Environment Moisture Analyzers

Environment Moisture Analyzers
Highly accurate and portable handheld measuring instruments for measuring relative air humidity, absolute air humidity, dew point, equilibrium moisture content of wood and temperature using innovative sensor technology. These new and powerful meters provide quick results for a wide range of applications.

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RH1 Humimeter - Thermohygrometer

Part #: HM-11487
The RH1 Thermohygrometer is a highly accurate portable handheld measuring instrument for measuring r (more...)
$286.00 (USD)
$386.10 (CAD)

RH2 Humimeter Moisture Meter with Datalogging

Part #: HM-12005
The RH2 is a precise thermo- hygrometer with exchangeable external sensors for a wide range of appli (more...)
$275.00 (USD)
$371.25 (CAD)