Scanning Moisture Meter

  • Part #:SP-850002
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Accurately reads elevated moisture content using cutting-edge electromagnetic wave technology that penetrates ¼” through most materials. The round metal probe will not scratch surfaces and automatically calibrates to dry air. The probe can be held at any angle and reads 0 to 100% moisture in wood and drywall for building inspection, lumber, water damage repair, and other industries. The large LCD simultaneously displays current, maximum and minimum moisture content, has a bright backlight and a low battery indicator. Features adjustable audible and visible, Hi/Lo wetness risk alarm, auto-power-off and a hold function. Comes ready to use with clear instructions and 3 AAA batteries.  

Features & Specifications: 

  • Moisture Content Range: All soft and hard woods including but not limited to Pine, Poplar, Oak, Maple, and Teak.
  • All forms of drywall and sheetrock including cement board, ¼” and ½” gypsum drywall, soundboard, and green board.
  • Resolution: 0.1%
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0 - 40°C and less than 85% Relative Humidity
  • Reading Depth Range: 6 - 40 mm

NOTE: This meter is not appropriate for testing concrete, brick, mortar, or screed