Scigiene offers a wide range of Microbiology supplies such Dipslides, MicroSnap rapid tests, standard agars as well as sterile bags, dilutions accessories, swabs, sponges, pipettes, and relevant equipment (autoclaves, vortexers, stomachers, incubators etc.)

Our dipslides are the industries highest quality at extremely competitive prices while also supplying leading edge microbiology tests to allow you to do microbiology both rapidly and more accurately than conventional methods normally allow. Please feel free to contact us to review your needs and/or review our microbiology sections for information on some of these solutions. 

Sub Categories


MicroFast® Count Plates are a superior sample-ready-culture medium system for Microbiology. They use innovative technologies such as rapid diffusion systems and new-generation microbial coloration to (more...)


Scigiene offers the highest quality displides available any where due to higher quality control right from production of the plastics through addition of the agar and extended testing. The agar on our (more...)


MicroSnap™ is a rapid AOAC approved bioluminogenic test method for results in less than eight hours for the detection and enumeration of TPC, Coliform and E.coli bacteria. The MicroSnap™ platform (more...)

Dehyrdated Media

Scigiene offers a selection of high grade dried and prepared media agars for traditional microbiology methods. 


Before beginning the actual Microbial testing you must collect and prepare samples. We have a large range of swabs and sponges and sterile sample bags and containers using a variety of buffering solut (more...)


Still using glass pipettes or other tedious mechanical fluid transfer methods. We have solutions that will keep you in budget and will offer some of the finest liquid measurement /transfer solutions a (more...)

Storage Racks & Boxes

Test Tube Racks

Scigiene's b (more...)