Reference Thermometers

Reference Thermometers

Scigiene offers an excellent range of high accuracy certified reference thermometers for a full range of uses. Most models are waterproof, with some displaying to +-0.01C and with a wide range of standard or custom probes.

Contact us if you require special certification test points and we will be happy to help. 

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Scigiene Reference Thermometer NIST Traceable Accurate To Better Than +/- 0.1C

Part #: RD0370R
Scigiene RD0370R is an extremely accurate reference thermometer accurate to +/-0.1C. It includes a f (more...)
$225.00 (USD)
$303.75 (CAD)

High Precision Reference Thermometer

Part #: RD0375
This new revolutionary high precision RTD Thermometer features an accuracy of +/- 0.05°C with a 0.01°C resolution.
$255.00 (USD)
$344.25 (CAD)

High Precision RTD Reference Thermometer

Part #: RD0376
This new revolutionary high precision RTD Thermometer can hold up to 16,000 reading and features an (more...)
$345.00 (USD)
$465.75 (CAD)

Thermometer Waterproof RTD -100°C to +300°C with Stainless Steel Probe 4.5"

Part #: RD0370
This NEW waterproof RTD thermometer is extremely accurate and ideal for food plants or any other app (more...)
$139.00 (USD)
$187.65 (CAD)