Paper Moisture Analyzers

Paper Moisture Analyzers
Paper moisture meters for paper piles. Also ideal for automatically monitoring the climate of printing rooms and paper stockrooms. New and revolutionary powerful portable measuring instrument series using innovative sensor technology.

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PMP Humimeter - Moisture Meter for Paper

Part #: HM-13770
The Humimeter PMP moisture meter measures the absolute water content of stagnant, cool paper rolls w (more...)
$948.15 (USD)
$1,327.41 (CAD)

P2 - Paper Moisture Meter with accessories

Part #: HM-10001
The P2 - Paper moisture meter is primarily for kraft paper, packaging paper and paperboard. It allo (more...)
$435.50 (USD)
$609.70 (CAD)

RH6 Humimeter - Paper Hygrometer with sword probe

Part #: HM-11497
The RH6 humimeter paper hygrometer is a powerful moisture tester with sword type probe for humidity (more...)
$1,422.23 (USD)
$1,991.12 (CAD)

RP6 Humimeter - Moisture Meter for Recycling Paper

Part #: HM-13300
The RP6 Humimeter is used for determing moisture content in recycling paper and for the detection of (more...)
$4,796.43 (USD)
$6,715.00 (CAD)

PM5 Humimeter - Paper Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-13800
The Humimeter PM5 paper analyzer measures the absolute moisture content of paper, cardboard and pulp (more...)
$2,160.90 (USD)
$3,025.26 (CAD)

RH5 Humimeter - Paper Moisture Meter with sword probe

Part #: HM-11494
The RH5 humimeter paper moisture meter is a powerful moisture tester with a sword type probe used fo (more...)
$588.18 (USD)
$823.45 (CAD)

PMZ Humimeter

Part #: HM-14100
The PMZ humimeter is a fast, non-destructive way of measuring and documenting the water content in cellulose sheets in piles.
$2,559.64 (USD)
$3,583.50 (CAD)

RH5.1 Humimeter - Paper Moisture Meter with Sword Probe

Part #: HM-11994
The humimeter RH5.1 Paper hygrometer with sword type probe is a hand-held paper moisture tester for (more...)
$523.69 (USD)
$733.17 (CAD)

Humimeter PM4 - Paper moisture meter

Part #: HM-12461-X
The humimeter PM4 paper analyzer measures the absolute moisture content of paper, even for warm, run (more...)
$2,182.16 (USD)
$3,055.02 (CAD)

PMSA At-Line Moisture Analyzer for Single Sheet Moisture Analyzer

Part #: HM-13600
The PMSA is a laboratory instrument for the determination of absolute water content of single sheets (more...)
$10,776.94 (USD)
$15,087.72 (CAD)

MF-P-HTD Paper Moisture Sensor

Part #: HM-14300
The MF-P-HTD Sensor is ideal for measuring the moisture content of paper and cardboard on line. Incl (more...)
$13,900.69 (USD)
$19,460.97 (CAD)

Climatic Chamber Content Control for Moisture

Part #: HM-11134
The Climatic Chamber is completely leak tight chamber for creating an atmosphere with a controllable (more...)
$10,776.95 (USD)
$15,087.73 (CAD)

KLK_50 Climatic Chamber with Moisture, Measuring and Control System

Part #: HM- 11134
The KLK_50 is a completely airtight chamber which creates an atmosphere with adjustable relative hum (more...)
$10,776.95 (USD)
$15,087.73 (CAD)