MF-S-HTD Paper Moisture Sensor

  • Part #:HM-14560
  • Weight:4.9 kgs
  • Dimensions:242 x 233 x 120 mm
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Price: $12,811.84
Price: $17,295.98


MF-S-HTD Paper Moisture Sensor for board, cardboard and panel production. The MF-S-HTD Sensor is ideal for measuring the moisture content of cardboard, paperboard, cellulose sheets and various composite boards/ sheet goods. Included is an infrared temperature sensor for measuring the material temperature and temperature compensation of the moisture measurement. (Not suitable for corrugated board.)

Features & Specifications:

Measuring range: 
1 to 20 % (depends on the type) 
Paperweight range: 
300 to 2000 g/m²
Paper temperature range: 
0 to +100°C / 32 to 212°F
Environment temperature range: 
0 to +70 °C / 32 to 158°F
Power supply: 
12 to 28 VDC or optional Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Protection type: 
IP 65
242 x 233 x 120 mm
4.9 kgs
MF-S-HTD sensor with material temperature sensor and paper control-roller set

Required Accessories

Part #: HM-14436
$543.48 (USD)
$733.70 (CAD)
Option modbus TCP Interface with for MF-P-HTD

Part #: HM-14438
$543.48 (USD)
$733.70 (CAD)
Analog output for MF-P-HTD

Part #: HM-14715
$2,964.44 (USD)
$4,001.99 (CAD)
HumiSenseWare is a database-based software for easy recording and analyzing of measuring data of dev (more...)

Optional Accessories

Part #: HM-13762
$358.20 (USD)
$483.57 (CAD)
For products no in the default menu, We can take samples of your material + have custom calibration (more...)