HumisenseWare Software for MF-P-HTD

Price: $3,063.26
Price: $4,135.40


HumiSenseWare is a database-based software for easy recording and analyzing of measuring data of device series LF-TD, MF-P-HTD and Humimeter BLO. Our HumiSenseWare software can also be used for MF-P-HT-D sensors if licensed accordingly. In this application, different paper grades or grammages can be set. Grammage corrections, which are not available in the software, are interpolated. To be able to integrate sensors in the network more easily, a search function is integrated. For communication with external software or PLC there are two plugin modules: ModBusTCP (Part#: 14717) or TCP-ASCII (Part# 14718). 

Features & Specifications:

  • Very easy operation of the software
  • Measurement data automatically stored in a local database
  • Perfect visualization of the data by means of a diagram
  • Bilingual version of the software (German and English) 
  • Simple network search for sensors
  • Export of measurement data to MS Excel, where further processing can be done

Available versions:

Part NumberDescription
HM-14715HumisenseWare MF-P-HTD standard license - Part # HM-14436 is required
HM-14716HumisenseWare MF-P-HTD Option extension to LF-TD Functional range
HM-14717HumisenseWare MF-P-HTD Option Modbus Interface
HM-14718HumisenseWare MF-P-HTD Option TCPI-IP ASCII Interface
HM-14719HuminsenseWare MF-P-HTD Option Integration customer interface

Required Accessories

Part #: HM-14436
$629.94 (USD)
$850.42 (CAD)
Option modbus TCP Interface with for MF-P-HTD

Optional Accessories

Part #: HM-14300
$13,354.14 (USD)
$18,028.09 (CAD)
The Humimeter Inline HTD Sensor is ideal for measuring the moisture content of paper and cardboard o (more...)