Pharmaceutical Moisture Analyzers

Pharmaceutical Moisture Analyzers

Our new TMG and TM4 moisture analyzers have been developed specifically for pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals measuring moisture in dried powders or pills. The TMG and TM4 Total moisture meters offer fast and reliable non-destructive measurements of the water content. These can be specifically calibrated to your product profile to allow for instant readings. This unit is designed for clients testing products of the same formulation repeatedly to give rapid instant results that are highly repeatable. Reduces your drying costs and measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples. Manual saving of results, datalogging for 10,000 logs with measuring point report. If you find using moisture balances, Oven drying or other moisture methods are too slow + tedious for routine moisture analysis of products of the same formulation, then look no further! Contact us today

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Humimeter FLM Marijuana Moisture Meter

Part #: HM-13157-M
The Humimeter FLM Marijuana moisture meter is simply the most accurate and first of the kind instant (more...)
$1,156.83 (USD)
$1,561.72 (CAD)

AW2 Water Activity Meter Kit A

Part #: HM-AW2-KITA
This portable instrument is used for the determination of water activity (aW value) of food and incl (more...)
$2,167.75 (USD)
$2,926.46 (CAD)

Balance Moisture - 110g

Part #: TB-BTS110
The TB-BTS110 is an accurate analytical balance for determining the moisture content of various materials.
$1,255.00 (USD)
$1,694.25 (CAD)

Analytical Moisture Balance - 120g

Part #: TB-ATS120
The TB-ATS120 is a High Accuracy analytical balance for determining the moisture content of various materials.
$1,499.00 (USD)
$2,023.65 (CAD)