PMZ Humimeter

  • Part #:HM-14100
  • Weight:680 g
  • Dimensions:575 x 75 x 46 mm
  • Availability: Inquire

Price: $2,439.55
Price: $3,293.39


The PMZ Humimeter is a fast, non-destructive way of measuring and documenting the water content in cellulose sheets in piles.


  • Customizable calibration curves
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Hold function, manual saving of results, auto data log for up to 10,000 logs with measuring point report
  • Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
  • Quick - cost-saving - automatically documented
  • Rapid adjustment
  • Easy data storage on the portable moisture meter
  • Evaluation on the device or through LogMemorizer software on the PC
  • Product customization possible


Measuring range: 
6% to 40% water content, depending on the material
0.1% water content
Operating temperature range: 
0 to +40°C / 32 to 104°F
Handle with sensor sword length: 
575 x 75 x 46 mm
Handle with sensor sword weight: 
Sensor sword length:
Handle length: 
127 x 29 mm
Handle weight:
Scope of supply: 
Humimeter PMZ with rubber protection cover and batteries, stainless steel handle (removable), wooden case
Menu languages: 
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish and many others on request

Optional Accessories

humimeter USB data interface module with LogMemorizer measuring data recording and analyzing softwar (more...)

Part #: HM-14433
$444.67 (USD)
$600.30 (CAD)
Thermo printer runs by battery, industrial model, portable (only with article no. 12278) Dimensions: (more...)

Part #: HM-12308
$108.70 (USD)
$146.75 (CAD)
Test block for FLH humimeter, FLM humimeter

Laboratory Analysis for Humimeter Devices to integrate custom calibration curve.

Factory calibration certificate. protocol documenting the adjustment at delivery of Humimeter devices