HGT Humimeter Wood Chip Moisture Transmitter

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The HGT Wood Chip Moisture Transmitter is used for determining the water content of wood chips for moisture up to 60% and 85°C. The HGT is an online wood chip moisture transmitter is ideal for your dryer, oven or plants for integration with exiting controls since it has an analog output. It enables a reduction of energy consumption making your oven more energy efficient. This in turn has a rising efficiency effect of your plant, resulting in a higher quality product. As the online wood chip moisture transmitter is readily calibrated, the installation can be completed with little effort.

Features and Specifications:

  • Measuring range 10 to 50% water content (corresponding to 100% wood moisture) 
  • Includes sensor connector
  • Determination of water content of wood chips classes P16 to P45
  • Calibration accuracy to reference material +/- 5%
  • For installation in a screw conveyor
  • Temperature range for measuring +5 to +85°C / 41 to 185°F
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Close contact of material to the sensor measuring window is essential
  • Analogue outputs 4-20mA for water content
  • Scaling (4-20mA) 0-80% = 0.2mA%
  • Ready calibrated system
  • Power supply 24VDC (15 to 29VDC)

Optional Accessories

Part #: HM-12327
$239.40 (USD)
$335.16 (CAD)
Analogue output for temperature measurement. Sample temperature measurement -10 to + 70°C, (in high (more...)

Part #: HM-12426
$239.40 (USD)
$335.16 (CAD)
LCD display built into the HGT case.

Part #: HM-12308
$81.90 (USD)
$114.66 (CAD)
Test block for FLH humimeter, FLM humimeter