Universal Displays

Universal Displays

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Novus Automation. Here we have an excellent range of high quality Universal Instrumentation Displays to meet a wide range of uses. Please be sure to ask about signal isolators to protect your investments and review the Controllers and Transmitter sections for crossover products.

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Novus Universal Input Indicator N1500

Part #: NV-8150000020
The N1500 Universal Process Indicator is a high performance instrument used for monitoring analog si (more...)
$191.10 (USD)
$257.99 (CAD)

Novus Universal Process Indicator N1500G

Part #: NV-81500G0210
This high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high vi (more...)
$401.00 (USD)
$541.35 (CAD)