Novus Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT

  • Part #:NV-81500FT020
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Tailor made for flow applications, the Flow Rate Indicator N1500-FT measures and displays both the instant measured value and the totalized value. One model is capable of reading a 4-20 mA signal or a pulsed signal. Input type is fully software selected. It boasts dual retransmission outputs: one 4-20 output, typically for instant flow, and the other is a pulse (NPN) output, typically for totalized flow. Both outputs are isolated. There are several display modes available and instrument can be ordered with up to 4 relays plus digital communication (See related products).

Features & Specifications:

  • Inputs: 4-20 mA, NPN, PNP, dry contact or coil signal
  • 4-20 mA input with integral function and square root option
  • Capable of reading pulsed signals from 0.1 to 8000 Hz
  • Resettable or continuous totalization (on the same model)
  • Fully customized scale factors
  • Configurable input filters
  • With pulsed input being used, the 4-20 mA input can be used as an auxiliary input (example: pressure reading)
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output (instant flow) and pulse output (NPN - totalized)
  • The outputs can be manually changed for easier setup
  • Dosage monitoring functions ensure product quality and consistency
  • Display Functions for HOLD, MAX and MIN
  • Dual 6-digit displays, allows for several display messaging configuration
  • Customized linearization
  • Fully keypad programmable with user friendly menu
  • Configuration can be password protected
  • Configurable alarms: HI, LO and sensor break
  • Alarms: 2 SPDT 3 A/ 250 Vac relays