Novus LoopView

  • Part #:NV-8817000100
  • Dimensions:65 x 45 x 45 mm
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Novus LoopView is a two-wire 4-20mA loop indicator, loop powered and low power. Its excellent precision allows to indicate several measurements like pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, temperature, acceleration and other. It has valve type connector standard EN 175301-803 (old DIN 43650) male and female. LoopView is powered by the current loop itself and allows to be inserted into sensors already installed in industrial facilities, with same connector type. This device has a 4-digit display and 2 keys, which allows adjustment in indication value and range, decimal point position, applying digital signal filter and user calibration quick and easily. The parameters modification is password protected and can be done directly in the loop indicator, through panel keys. The configured parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, which means they keep saved in loop break occurrence.

Features & Specifications:

    Compact: 65 x 45 x 45mm
     Loop powered, does not require external power supply
     4-digit red LED display with adjustable indication
     Connector standard EN175301-803 (old DIN 43650)
     Easy configuration using keys
     Easy assembly into sensors, like “sandwich”
     Adjustable indication for engineering units

    Technical Characteristics
     Operational Mode: two-wire 4-20mA passive mode
     Display: 4-digit red LED display, 0.91mm height
     Keys: 2 keys with tactile feedback for parameters configuration
     Resolution of measurement: 65535 levels (16 bits)
     Resolution on indication: 11998 levels (from -1999 to 9999) with decimal point adjustment
     Precision: 0,5% of span
     Thermal deviation: 0,003% per °C
     Temperature of operation: -40 to 85°C
     Power supply: current loop 4-20 mA
     Polarity protection: Embedded protection against polarity inversion and reverse current when off
     Voltage drop on the loop: < 2,5 V for 4 mA and < 3 V for 20 mA
     Connection: Valve connector standard EN 175301-803 (old DIN 43650) male and female
     Dimensions: 65 x 45 x 45 mm
     Case: ABS (Gasket in Polyurethane)
     Mechanic protection: IP65, NEMA4X
     Configuration: calibration range, indication range, decimal point, offset and digital filter

    Assembling with sensor
    Coupled to pressure sensors
    Coupled with temperature sensors