BRC Moisture Transmitter

  • Part #:HM-13550
  • Weight:3.7 kg
  • Dimensions:364 x 300 x 118 mm
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The BRC transmitter is used for determining the water content of dry wood chips in wood gasification plants. It is easily mounted in direct contact with the wood chips to give constant reliable water content readings The transmitter can easily be integrated with existing controls since it has an analog output, and is also suited for measuring coarse material (up to wood chip class P100). This enables the optimal control of a dryer, boiler or wood gasification plant with respect to the water content. This in turn results in increased efficiency in in your plant, resulting in a higher quality product. As the BRC moisture transmitter is easily calibrated, the installation can be completed with minimal effort.

Features & Specifications:

Measuring range: 
2 to 30% water content (represents 2 to 43% wood moisture) 
Calibration accuracy to reference material: 
+/- 2.5%
Surrounding temperature range: 
-10 to +60°C/14 to 140°F
Temperature range for determination of water content: 
0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F
Power supply: 
24VDC (15 to 29VDC)
Analogue output: 
4-20 mA for water content
4-20mA = 0-30% water content
BRC moisture transmitter including display and 5-meter-long connection cable
364 x 300 x 118 mm

Optional Accessories

Part #: HM-12327
$271.74 (USD)
$366.85 (CAD)
Replacement analogue output for temperature measurement. Sample temperature measurement -10 to + 70° (more...)