Hygiena Microsnap Step 2: E.coli Detection swabs

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  • Units:25 swabs/pack
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This is Step 2 of the MicroSnap process. The Micro-Snap Detection Swab for E.coli is a rapid test for enumeration of E.coli. 

MicroSnap™ is a rapid bioluminogenic test method for the detection and enumeration of Coliform and E.coli bacteria. The new MicroSnap™ platform replaces traditional microbiology testing methods with a rapid, scientific test that provides results in less than eight hours. Same-shift results allow food and beverage processors to screen materials faster, monitor the plant environment in real time and release finished products faster.  The MicroSnap™ consists of an Enrichment Device containing a growth medium and a Detection Device containing a bioluminogenic (light-producing) substrate. When MicroSnap™ detects the specific microorganism, light is emitted and measured with the EnSure™ luminometer.
Features & Specifications:
  • AOAC performace tested 
  • Unique liquid stable reagent provides high sensitivity and repeatability 
  • Fastest micro-organism test for Coliform and E.coli available
  • Allows for faster quality assurance response and product release
  • Quantitative (enumeration results in 6 hours
  • Qualitative (presence/absence <1CFU/100mL) results in 8 hours
  • Simple pass/fail result at desired specification
  • Self-contained device provide ease of use
  • Uses proven conventional diagnostiv properties
  • Independent of sample effects 
  • Simple 2-step procedure
  • Snap-Valve technology and Built-In-Pipette provide ease of us 
  • Equivalent reults to other cultural methods
  • Repeatable resting on same enrichment sample 
  • Shelf Life: up to 12 month at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC)

Applications Include:

  • Surface Swabbing
  • Raw material and finished product testing
  • Solids, liquids and filterable products


  • a sleeve of 25: ATP-EC100-25 @ $106.00 USD
  • a case of 100: ATP-EC100-100 @ $360.50 USD

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use this product and interpret the results

Additional Information


ATP-CC100 detects Coliforms,

 ATP-EC100 detects E.coli

Technical Information


Hygiena MicroSnap Coliform & E.coli-Instructions

MicroSnap swabs enable you to test for e.coli and coliforms with one simple swab.

Required Accessories


Hygiena MicroSnap Step1 - Enrichment Swab for E.coli & Coliform detection

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Optional Accessories


Hygiena Swab Cooler Bag

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