Scigiene Collapsible Swab Extender

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Scigiene Swab Extenders are easy-to-use collapsible reaching aids, available in multiple lengths, enabling access to the hardest-to-reach test areas. A Twist lock connector keeps swabs of all type firmly in place lip holds and releases only when you want.

Swab Extenders are ideal for testing tanks, vents, hoppers, and large equipment with any swabbing test device.

Because of the wide range of swabbing sponging devices please contact Scigiene to specify the swab/shaft diameter to ensure you get the right model.


  • Collapsible for convenient storage
  • Twist lock mechanism will hold almost any type of swab or sponge handle.

Available in the following lengths: 

Part #
SCs-EXT– 7
Swab Extender – 6.8 ft 
SCs-EXT– 10
Swab Extender – 9.8 ft 
SCs-EXT– 13
Swab Extender – 13.1 ft 
SCs-EXT– 16
Swab Extender – 16.4 ft 
SCs-EXT– 20
Swab Extender – 19.6 ft