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MicroSnap™ is a rapid AOAC approved bioluminogenic test method for results in less than eight hours for the detection and enumeration of TPC, Coliform and E.coli bacteria. The MicroSnap™ platform replaces traditional microbiology testing methods allowing for same-shift results allowing food and beverage processors to screen materials faster, monitor the plant environment in real time and release finished products faster. Because tests can be initiated immediately the typical die-off or growth of organisms in transit to a test lab is eliminated leading to superior results.

The MicroSnap™ consists of an Enrichment Device containing a growth medium and a Detection Device containing a bioluminogenic (light-producing) substrate. When MicroSnap™ detects the specific microorganism, light is emitted and measured with the EnSure™ luminometer.

Features & Specifications:
  • AOAC performance tested 
  • Unique liquid stable reagent provides high sensitivity and repeatability 
  • Fastest micro-organism test for Total Place Count, Coliform and E.coli available
  • Allows for faster quality assurance response and product release
  • Quantitative (enumeration) results in 6 hours
  • Qualitative (presence/absence <1CFU/100mL) results in 8 hours
  • Simple pass/fail result at desired specification
  • Self-contained device provide ease of use
  • Uses proven conventional diagnostic properties
  • Independent of sample effects 
  • Simple 2-step procedure
  • Snap-Valve technology and Built-In-Pipette provide ease of use 
  • Equivalent results to other cultural methods
  • Repeatable resting on same enrichment sample 
  • Shelf Life: up to 12 months at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC)

Applications Include:

  • Surface Swabbing
  • Raw material and finished product testing
  • Solids, liquids and filterable products


Hygiena MicroSnap Enterobacteriaceae Enrichment Swab - Step 1

Hygiena MicroSnap Enterobacteriaceae Detection Swab - Step 2

Hygiena MicroSnap Step1 - Enrichment Swab for Coliform & E. Coli detection

Hygiena MicroSnap Step 2: Coliform Detection Swabs

Hygiena Microsnap Step 2: E.coli Detection swabs

Hygiena MicroSnap TOTAL Enrichment Swab

Hygiena MicroSnap TOTAL Detection Device

Hygiena Microsnap New! Enhanced Nutrient Broth



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