Total Viable Count

Total Viable Count

MicroSnaps™ are a rapid bioluminogenic AOAC approved test method for the detection and enumeration of Total Aerobic bacteria. The MicroSnap™ platform replaces traditional microbiology testing methods with a rapid, scientific test that provides results in less than eight hours. Same-shift results allow food and beverage processors to screen materials faster, monitor the plant environment in real time and release finished products faster.  The MicroSnap™ consists of an Enrichment Device containing a growth medium and a Detection Device containing a bioluminogenic (light-producing) substrate. When MicroSnap™ detects the specific microorganism, light is emitted and measured with the EnSure™ luminometer.

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Hygiena MicroSnap TOTAL(Total Microbial Activity Test)

Part #: ATP-ENT200/ATP-APC200
MicroSnap TOTAL (Total Microbial Activity Test)This is a rapid bioluminogenic test method for the de (more...)

Hygiena Microsnap New! Enhanced Nutrient Broth

Part #: ATP-MS180
Enhanced Nutrient Broth is one enrichment media for three MicroSnap detection tests. Just add 1mL of (more...)
$180.30 (USD)
$261.44 (CAD)

Dipslide Nutrient Agar with TTC - General Purpose Agar

Part #: SB-MC660
This double sided slide contains Nutrient Agar with TTC on both sides. A general purpose agar medium (more...)
$21.00 (USD)
$30.45 (CAD)