Marathon 3CTEMP-USB RTD2 Temperature Logger

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  • Weight:33 grams / 1.16 oz.
  • Dimensions:2.5 in.(l) x 1.3 in (w) x 0.35 in.(h)
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The 3CTEMP-USB-RTD2 is a reliable and cost-effective digital temperature recorder for all industrial and commercial applications. It has one sensor for ambient temperatures inside the case, and one external RTD stainless-steel probe that monitors temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) up to +300°C (+572°F). It is ideal for monitoring all of your high temperature needs. These high-precision laboratory-grade products will operate up to 1.5 years without a battery change. The LCD display provides real time viewing of ambient and probe temperatures prior to downloading to a computer. The dataloggers are NIST-Traceable and come with Certificates of Conformance.

Features & Specifications:

8k memory (approximately 8,000 measurements)
Internal Sensor:

Wired chip in glass thermistor

Temperature Range: 
-29°C to +72°C / -20°F to +161°F
Temperature Accuracy: 

±0.2°C at 0° to 10°C, ±1.0°C at extremes /

±0.4°F at 32° to 50°F, ±1.8°F at extremes

0.1°C / 0.18°F
External High Temperature RTD Sensor/Probe 

RTD Stainless Steel Tip = 5 in

Flexible Teflon-coated Cable = 20.5 in

Probe Temperature Range: 
-40°C to +300°C / -40°F to +572°F
Probe Temperature Accuracy: 
±0.5°C at 0° to 30°C, ±2.0°C at extremes / ±0.9°F at 32° to 86°F, ±3.6°F at extremes
Probe Resolution: 
0.1°C / 0.18°F
Alarm Programming: 
User configurable. High and low alarm limits can be set by temperature.


LCD screen

3.72in(l) x 3.1in(w)

IP66 rated
Internal Firmware Provides:
Internal Clock, Start/Stop time, Interval, User description, Alarm values, Recording status, Firmware version, Serial number, Model.
Power Source, Battery Life and Replacement: 
One CR2450 Battery. 1 year operating life, and 3 year shelf life

Note: For 3CTEMP-USB-RTD2 NFC models only!!

NFC App Download for Android phone: NFC Android Phone App

**Note: App download is only compatible with Android smart phones**

Required Accessories

The MaxiThermal2 Software allows you to view up to 8 multiple traces at one time, enables you to tra (more...)

Part #: MA0504
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USB interface allows you do connect to the Marathon USB dataloggers.

Optional Accessories

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T. traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)