Bluetooth & WI-FI Dataloggers

Bluetooth & WI-FI Dataloggers

Our NEW Bluetooth data loggers all offer Bluetooth communication via Web based APP's to allow communication via mobile devices. It is time to toss the cables! You can quickly view data on your mobile devices and then e-mail or export the data to PC’s as needed. The EDL Beacon is a slim waterproof unit with a 300M range while the PDF Bluetooth units can be downloaded to cloud based APPs or to PC based PDF files. Ideal for those not sure what method their cold chain partners might prefer to use. 

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3C\TEMP-USB Bluetooth Temperature Datalogger

Part #: MA0278
The 3C\TEMP-USB Bluetooth Temperature Datalogger is a revolutionary, multi-use, user programmable, e (more...)
$115.00 (USD)
$155.25 (CAD)

3C\TEMP-RH Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

Part #: MA0277
The 3C\TEMP-RH Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Datalogger is a revolutionary, multi-use, user progr (more...)
$135.00 (USD)
$182.25 (CAD)

BlueLOG Bluetooth Temperature Datalogger

Part #: TS01TB
Bluetooth temperature data logger, managed through Android devices with BlueTrails App for Transport (more...)
$93.80 (USD)
$126.63 (CAD)

EDL-Beacon Temperature Bluetooth Datalogger

Part #: MA0264
EDL-Beacon is a high-quality, compact, waterproof Bluetooth Temperature Datalogger with an incredib (more...)
$80.00 (USD)
$108.00 (CAD)

EDLBT04 Multi-use Temperature and Humidity Logger with Bluetooth connectivity

Part #: MA0297
The EDL-BT04 is a power saving wireless temperature and RH data logger, using the latest Bluetooth 4 (more...)
$115.00 (USD)
$155.25 (CAD)

MaxiLog PDF Single-Use Temperature Bluetooth Datalogger

Part #: MA0141
The MaxiLog-PDF Bluetooth Single Use temperature data logger features a small, lightweight, flat des (more...)
$25.00 (USD)
$33.75 (CAD)

EDL-BT55 Multi-use Temperature Logger with Bluetooth connectivity and 55 meter range

Part #: MA0263
THE EDL-BT55 is a long-range Bluetooth temperature data logger using a power saving Nordic N51822 ch (more...)
$125.00 (USD)
$168.75 (CAD)