Plate Count Agar with TTC/MacConkey 3 Agar Dipslide

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Scigiene Coliforms dipslide features two different agars, one on each side of the dipslide. One side of the dipslide has plate count agar. This agar measures a total viable count. The other side of the dipslide has MacConkey 3 agar. This agar measures a coliforms count.

Plate Count Agar - Used to test food and water, in particular dairy products. Plate count agar provides a general count of viable organisms in a sample.

MacConkey 3 Agar - Tests for coliforms (indicator organisms) and suppresses non coliform bacteria. Often used in food safety testing.

If your sample has viable bacteria in it, bacterial colonies will grow on the dipslide. You then count the colonies and consult the included chart to assess the level of infection.

To use, you can either dip the slide into your sample, swab onto the dipslide or press the slide against a surface. Once your sample has been transferred onto the dipslide, you then incubate the dipslide. After incubation, you can then count the colonies / spots and compare with the chart provided.

These dipslides come in a pack size of 10 slides per box. The slide has a flexible paddle and is within a shatterproof container.


  • Flexible Paddle - Each dipslide features a virtually unbreakable and flexible paddle allowing for even, full surface testing.
  • Easy "Run Off" Design - Due to the design of the dipslide, fluids will drain off quickly during testing.
  • Recessed Handle - Each slide has a handle built into the lid that is recessed to help keep your fingers dry during testing.
  • Side Indicator - One side of the slide will have a circle indicator so you know which side was used for testing which type of contaminant.
  • Dual Sided - Each dipslide is dual sided to allow multiple contamination testing with one test.
  • Thick Reliable Agar - Approx. 4mm


  • 10 dipslides per case
  • Slide Format: Large Pushfit
  • Agar (Side 1): Plate Count & TTC
  • Detection (Side 1): Total Count
  • Agar (Side 2): MacConkey No. 3
  • Detection (Side 2): Coliforms
  • Storage Temperature: 8°C - 15°C
  • Incubation: 35°C 
  • Incubation Time: 24-48 Hours

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