Nutrient Agar with TTC Dipslide

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  • Units:10 per case
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Scigiene’s Nutrient Agar with TTC dipslide is ideal for microbial counts of ( aerobic, heterotrophic) bacteria that will appear as RED (due to the TTC).

Easy to use and safe we can detect bacteria in water or on surfaces with a 9 month shelf life due to our superior quality.

Ideal for any Environmental monitoring program to detect potential microbial problems. Call us to inquire about other species   
They should be stored at room temperature, but care should be taken to avoid frequent temperature changes.

Features & Specifications:

  • 10 dipslides per case
  • Slide Format: Large Pushfit
  • Agar (Side 1): Nutrient & TTC
  • Detection (Side 1): Total Count
  • Agar (Side 2): Nutrient & TTC
  • Detection (Side 2): Total Count
  • Storage Temperature: 8°C - 15°C
  • Incubation: 35°C 24-48 Hours

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