Nutrient Agar with TTC/Malt Extract Agar Dipslide

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Scigiene’s Yeast and Mold/ Total Plate Count dipslides makes the determination of bacterial (TPC, Aerobic, Heterotrophic) and yeast and mold counts simple and safe. The first side has Nutrient Agar for Aerobic (heterotrophic) bacteria that will appear as RED (due to the TTC). The second side has Malt Dextrose for the growth of Yeast and Molds. 

Contamination by bacteria, yeast and molds on surface or in aqueous industrial environments can lead to many quality issues or product failures.

Common uses for this dipslides are:

  • Metalworking fluids and stored hydrocarbon fuels
  • Industrial process waters
  • Cooling tower waters

Growth of bacteria and fungi in any of these applications can lead to corrosion and slime formation

In order to effectively treat contamination with biocides, the levels of bacterial and fungal growth should be regularly testing using the Scigiene Y&M/TPC dipslide to allow for rapid and easy determination of any potential problem.  The Scigiene Y&M TPC Displides have a 9-month shelf life. They should be stored at room temperature, but care should be taken to avoid frequent temperature changes.

Features & Specifications:

  • 10 dipslides per case
  • Slide Format: Large Pushfit
  • Agar (Colour: Straw): Nutrient & TTC
  • Detection (Side 1): Total Count
  • Agar (Colour: Brown): Malt Extract
  • Detection (Side 2): Yeasts and Moulds
  • Storage Temperature: 8°C - 15°C
  • Incubation: 30°C 24-120 Hours

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