Green CleanTEMP tube

  • Green CleanTEMP tube Green CleanTEMP tube
  • Purple Allergen Free CleanTEMP tube Purple Allergen Free CleanTEMP tube

Thermometer CleanTEMP tubes

  • Part #:CT-1000/CT-2000
  • Weight:1.00
  • Availability:AVAILABLE

Price: $12.00
Price: $16.20


cleanTEMP is an alternative to probe wipes and a replacement for the current protective sheath.  Filled at the start of each shift with standard sanitizing solution cleanTEMP has the ability to raise daily food safety awareness while making sanitation part of the uniform.  By implementing this product, a QA Manager can effortlessly regulate best practice throughout food handling staff across multiple facilities.  Saving time and streamlining the process of sanitizing temperature reading devices

CleanTEMP™ is a marker sized tube filled at the start of each shift with standard Quaternary Ammonium. The thermometer probe is placed into the tube through a hole in the cap, replacing the typical thermometer sheath which can harbor bacteria. A rubber washer located inside the tube cap squeegees the probe dry as it is removed from the tube for use. After temping, the thermometer probe is wiped clean of visible debris before reinserting it into the tube. CleanTEMP, compatible with most digital and dial long stem thermometer models, fits within the chef coat sleeve or pocket making sanitation part of the uniform.   For more information - FAQ - Click here!

The CleanTEMP™ system is designed to prevent the cross-contamination of food by providing a sanitized thermometer that is always at the ready. Please follow the guidelines set forth on the product card and in your local health codes to insure safe food handling practices.

- A solution of Quaternary Ammonium @ 200ppm/water is recommended for use with the CleanTEMP System.
- A solution of industrial chlorine @ 50ppm/water (1 drop) or a solution of Iodine @ 12.5ppm/water (1 drop) are acceptable.

Building upon the foundation of the original GREEN cleanTEMP (designed to prevent cross-contamination by adding sanitizer to the chef uniform) the Allergen-Free cleanTEMP does double duty without relying on sanitizer to prevent the cross-contact.

  • Purple color indicates use for allergen-free menu items only

  • Regulates best practice without adding extra steps

  • Translucent tube makes filling with sanitizer solution easy

  • Great addition to any allergy prep station or chef uniform

  • Can be used with most dial, digital and HACCP thermometers