Sulfite Test Kit

  • Part #:TS052-kit
  • Units:100 Strips/100 Swabs
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Price: $199.63
Price: $269.50


Scigiene’s Sulfite test kit can detect residual sulfites from 10 to 500ppm.

Each kit includes 100 test swabs that are treated with Letheen to neutralize residual sanitizers that might normally interfere with other sulfite tests plus 100 sulfite detection strips.

Simply swab the surface to be tested, insert the swabs back into its sleeve, activate the snap valve to release the neutralizing buffer, shake well then using the swab bulb, draw up the solution and add a drop to the tip of the Test Strips provided.

Wait for 15 second and examine the color as per the following chart.

  • Indicates the presence of sulfite ions in increments of 10, 50, 100, 250, and 500ppm after 15 seconds
  • The kit contains 100 test swabs and 100 test strips
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 years if stored properly
  • Strips test for: sulfite, bisulphite and metabisulfite
  • Swab buffer will neutralize moderate levels of sanitizers or other residual chemical that may interfere

Optional Accessories

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