MicroW L Datalogger with 300 mm bendable probe

  • Part #:TS-MICL165-C
  • Weight:50 g
  • Dimensions:39 mm (h) X 20 mm (d)
  • Availability: Inquire

Price: $1,219.40
Price: $1,646.19


MicroW L Datalogger is a temperature recording device from -40°C to 300°C  with 300 mm bendable probe and 2 mm diameter (calibration from 25°C to 300°C, above 140°C the probe only resists). Managed with Windows software and USB interface (DiskInterface HS, Multibay). Battery is user replaceable and the datalogger is provided with a Reference traceable certificate on 6 points. Note: if used below -30°C, battery life will be highly reduced.


  • With bendable cable to place the device near the packages instead on top and with rigid probe for penetration (first and last 30 mm cannot be bent)
  • Completely food grade and waterproof
  • All software calculates lethality value (F0, PU, A0 ecc.)
  • Low battery consumption for an extended battery life
  • User replaceable battery (software shows battery status)
  • Very easy to deploy in any type of package
  • National Reference traceable calibration certificate included
  • Available extended calibration from -40°C to 300°C (order extra calibration points; in case of wide calibration range the accuracy might be worse. Request the possible calibration ranges in advance)
  • Extremely high accuracy and precision: with an accuracy of ± 0,1°C these devices can be employed in any application involving pharmaceuticals, validation, laboratory and medical field
  • High accuracy even outside the calibration range
  • Fast response time thanks to the 2 mm diameter probe
  • Easy to use even in small and narrow places thanks to the bendable probe
  • Printed reports compliant with health regulations and ISO (data are not editable in the software)


Probe dimensions

Probe base dimensions: 3 mm (h) X 14 mm (d) –

Bendable probe 300 mm (l) X 2 mm (d) (first and last 15 mm cannot be bent)
Stainless steel AISI316L, PEEK
Temperature range
-40°C ÷ +140°C
Sensor temperature range
-40 °C ÷ +300 °C
Standard calibration points (temperature)
Extra calibration points (temperature)
Nel range -40 °C ÷ +300 °C
Temperature resolution
0.01 °C
Temperature accuracy
± 0.1 °C (within the calibration range)
Memory (n. of acquisitions)
Acquisition step
From 1 every second up, with 1 second steps
Protection degree
Battery life
+10.000.000 acquisitions at 1 second step continuously (calculated time @25°C. Battery life may be shorter if used in low temperatures)
Software & Accessories

SPD & Disk Interface HS (Part #: TS0200) (See Accessories Below)

TS Manager (Part #: TS0165) (See Accessories Below)

Universal Multibay (Part #: TS04MBU)

Required Accessories

Part #: TS0200
$303.80 (USD)
$410.13 (CAD)
The DiskInterface HS (High Speed) is a connection bay used for downloading data and programming all (more...)

Part #: TS0165
$1,512.00 (USD)
$2,041.20 (CAD)
SterilDisk, S-Micro, S-Radio, MicroW, RHTemp, PressureDisk, Pirani Vacuum Logger, TempStick, HumiSti (more...)