Scigiene Sterile Cellulose Sponges w/Sterile Glove

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The BS02 series of pre-moistened cellulose sponges is a convenient ready to use product, packaged in a foil barrier pouch that provides excellent moisture retention and is easy to tear open. A sterile twirl-tie sample bag and sterile glove is included in the kit. All of these components are gamma radiated to ensure sterility.

Features & Specifications:

  • Ideal for surface sampling
  • One time use
  • Made to avoid sponge wedging
  • 50 units per case

To meet specific user requirements the cellulose sampling sponges are pre-moistened with 10mL of a choice of the following different diluents:


  • Neutralizing buffer                             
  • (DE) Neutralizing buffer                   
  • Buffered peptone water                   
  • Butterfield’s phosphate buffer         
  • Letheen broth       

Optional Accessories

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