Intech XJ2 Universal Input Single Transmitter

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These Universal Input Single Transmitters are field programmable and calibrateable Signal Transmitters / Conditioners that are DIN-rail mountable for ease of use and field installation. Ideal as a replacement for expensive PLC input modules, the high quality, high accuracy and low cost are major features that allow you to supply isolated powered loops to non powered sensors (mV, V , mA, RTD Pt100, Differential RTD, Thermocouple, Bridge/ Strain Gauge, Potentiometer and Resistance.) and supply a powered 4-20mA output.

  • Field Programmable Bi-Polar Input Ranges
  • Input Types:mV, V & mA.mV, RTD Pt100, Differential RTD, Thermocouple (T/C), BridgeStrain Gauge, Potentiometer and Resistance
  • Input to Output Isolation 2.0kV.
  • High Accuracy 0.1%
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • LED Indication of Current Loop (CL)
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure
  • Available with One or Two Transmitters per Enclosure
  • Available Standard or Special Calibration
  • Low Cost & Easy to Install
  • Bridge/Straingauge: 0-20mV
  • DC Current of DC Voltage: 4-20mA 0-10V
  • Resistance: 0-200 ohm
  • Differential RTD: 0C to +100C
  • Potentiometer: 0-100%
  • RTD: 0C to +100C
  • Thermocouple: K 0C to +1200C

Additional Information

(2 wire) Universal Input Single Transmitter
Options:     PID Programmable Isolating DC Transmitter

Optional Accessories

Part #: IT-PID
$515.00 (USD)
$746.75 (CAD)
This is a Programmable Isolating DC Voltage or DC Current Input to DC Current or DC Voltage Output T (more...)