Intech PID Programmable Isolating DC Transmitter

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This is a Programmable Isolating DC Voltage or DC Current Input to DC Current or DC Voltage Output Transmitter designed to be field programmable.

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  • Field Programmable Input and Output Ranges.
  • Bi-Polar Input and Output Ranges.
  • Input to Output Isolation 1.6kV
  • High Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply.
  • Selectable 3 second Input Damping.
  • Transmitter Power Supply Standard.
  • Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure.
  • Available Standard or Special Calibration.
  • Input Voltage: Field Programmable from 10mV to 150 Vdc and Bipolar.
  • Minimum Input Resistance: 200kohm
  • Maximum over range: 170Vdc continuous.
  • Input Current: Field Programmable From 200uA to 100mAdc and Bipolar.
  • Input Resistance: 25 ohm
  • Maximum Over-range: 120mAdc Continuous.
  • Input Transmitter P/S: 20Vdc +/- 5% Common to Input Com. (Terminal 4)
  • Max Load: 30mA
  • Ripple: < 20mV Typical at 30mA Load.
  • Output Voltage: Field Programmable from 500mV to +/- 12Vdc.
  • Maximum Output Drive: 10mA
  • Output Current: Field Programmable From 1mA to +/-20mAdc.
  • Maximum Output Drive: 10Vdc (500 ohm at 20mA).
  • Accuracy, Linearity & Repeatability: < +/-0.1% FSO (Full Scale Output) Typical.
  • Ambient Drift: < +/-0.01% FSO Typical.
  • Noise Immunity: 125dB CMRR Average (1600Vdc Limit)
  • Response Time: 200msec Typical
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0C to +60C, 5% to 85% RH max Non-Condensing.
  • Mounts on 35mm Symmetrical Mounting Rail.

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