IR HACCP Waterproof Thermometer with Fold Out-Probe

  • Part #:TCT303F
  • Weight:3.5 oz
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2-in-1 waterproof IR thermometer for food and HACCP temperature monitoring. Features a built-in stainless steel K-type thermocouple probe that folds into the side of the instrument when not in use. The Food Zone display clearly indicates if the food is in a dangerous or safe zone.
  • Food Grade Accuracy of +/-1.0°C over 0°C to +65°C.
  • NSF Approved
  • Waterproof
  • Factory Calibrated to NIST standards
  • Ultra thin design to fit into shirt pocket with built-in pocket clips.
  • Bright White LED Pointer
  • Large LCD display.
  • Included built-in K-type thermocouple with Teflon coated stainless steel probe.
  • Measure modes include: MAX, MIN and LOCK for continuous scanning.
  • Automatic data hold and Power OFF
  • IR Temperature Range: -67°F to +482°F (-55°C to +250°C).
  • IR Accuracy: +/-1°C (0°C to +65°C), +/- 1.5% (below 0°C and from +65°C to +250°C)
  • TC Temperature Range: -67°F to +626°F (-55°C to +330°C).
  • TC Accuracy: Below -5°C = +/- 1.0°C (1.8°F), -5C to +65C = +/ 0.5°C (-0.9°F), above +65C = +/- 1% of reading.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C).
  • Resolution: 0.5°F / 0.2°C.
  • Emissivity: Adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 steps, factory preset to 0.95
  • Distance to Spot (D:S) Ratio: 2.5:1
  • 4.5" built-in Stainless Steel pointed probe
  • Waterproof - IP65 protection
  • Response Time: 1 second (95% of reading); update frequency 1.4Hz.
  • Spectral Response: 8-14um (immune to steam).
  • Power: 2 AAA Batteries

Technical Information

IR Thermometer use and testing


The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)

Optional Accessories

Part #: PT-PW200
$9.95 (USD)
$13.93 (CAD)
These probe wipes are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize probes and help prevent cross contamination.

Part #: PT-PW90
$7.50 (USD)
$10.50 (CAD)
These probe wipes are saturated with 90% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize probes and help prevent cross contamination.