SCCAL-IR1 InfraRed Comparator

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Scigiene has developed the world most accurate Infrared Comparator. It utilizes Scigiene’s’ proprietary Thermal Barrier technology and sealed I.R. chamber to create an I.R. reference plate that is more stable than even blackbody devices. The main problem of other I.R. comparators and even high-priced blackbody I.R. Calibrators have is that the sensing probe is not at the surface where you are taking the I.R. reading. Blackbody devices use algorithms to predict what the surface will read (increasing error) and with other comparators you just have to hope the blackbody surface is close to the temperature of the inserted probe neither of which are temperature controlled leading to a typical variance of +/-2C or greater.

Using Scigiene’s Proprietary Thermal barrier technology we are able to maintain temperature repeatability within the chamber of better than +-0.1C. The I.R. reference plate is suspended in the chamber with an embedded precision temperature sensor* The temperature is verified using a built-in certified Min/Max thermometer and using its min/max feature the stability of the I.R. reference plate is verified as accurate and stable. The Precision sensor displays the test plate temperature*.

  • Our sliding lever lid allows for a tightly sealed interface between the IR unit and the comparator interior. This prevents air exchange and also prevents stray light (IR interference) from entering the Scigiene Comparator.
  • Basic model that utilizes your current sensor (SCCAL-IR2 - This unit has a built-in precision sensor (see related products))

**The Reference plate used is set at 0.97 emissivity but please call us if you have needs to test other surfaces at other emissivity’s. This again solves another Blackbody device conundrum. If you test/certify an I.R. at 0.95 emissivity (all blackbody devices use this) then how relevant is the calibration if you are testing at other emissivity’s?