CAL650 Portable Temperature Calibrator - Full

  • Part #:CAL650-F
  • Weight:11.0 Kg
  • Dimensions:300mm H x 340mm W x 170mm D
  • Availability: Inquire

Price: $5,550.00
Price: $7,492.50


The CAL650-F is simply the best technological solution for temperature calibrations from 35ºC to 650ºC. It is a homogeneous and stable heat source, where through an equalizer block, several sensors are inserted for calibration by comparison.

It has a 4-channel selector switch for reading the sensors in calibration, identified by a tag of up to 16 characters. The default can be internal or external or external standard type probe that eliminates the need to correct the error in reading the pattern. The calibration routine can be automated between channels , with the  results being able to be accessed and stored on the Oven's own display .

The CAL650-F offers outstanding performance in an easy to use portable unit. It can be used as a Dry Block and Blackbody Source for Infrared Thermometers.

The CAL650-F has a sophisticated temperature controller with high accuracy and dual display for Set Temperature and Dry Block Temperature.


  • Function switch test for temperature
  • Built-in help with instructions  on functions and  settings.
  • Included: Standard Insert, Extractor Insert, Power Cord, Vinyl Bag and Instruction Manual


Temperature Range:
35°C to 650°C
Absolute Stability: 
Display Resolution: 
Indicators Units: 
Calibration Volume: 
35mm diameter by 148mm deep
Standard Insert: 
6 pockets (2 x 4.5mm, 2 x 6.4mm, 1 x 8mm, 1 x 9.5mm, all 140mm deep)
200 to 240 V (50 / 60 Hz), 900 Watts

Additional Information

Required Accessories:

Part #DescriptionPrice (USD)
Black body insert for CAL650 + TC N
$ 450.00

Optional Accessories:

Part #
Price (USD)
Undrilled insert for CAL650
$ 277.50
Standard insert for CAL650
$ 345.00
Vinyl carrying case for CAL
$ 150.00

Standard Probes with Calibration Certificate:

Part #
Price (USD)
TC R Standard 300mm x 6mm (300°C to 1100°C)
$ 930.00
RTD Standard 250mm x 6mm (-60°C to 150°C)
$ 480.00
RTD Standard 320mm x 6mm (0°C to 420°C)
$ 480.00