Min/Max Display Thermometers

Min/Max Display Thermometers

Scigiene offer a wide range of thermometers to display and alarms the Minimum and Maximum temperature. Our specially designed Min-Max and Min-Max Plus are unique among all makes of Min-Max thermometers due to their high accuracy, traceability and include a redundant roll over memory allowing for review of up to 30 days of past data. Should you record a critical Min/Max reading the unit can then be sent to Scigiene for Data Extraction and a Compliance/Validation report. The Min/Max thermometers can ideally be used in labs and clinics.

Despite these amazing features they are very cost effective digital thermometers with real-time LCD display and the Plus model features an external probe. The small thumb-size format fits easily into small spaces. 

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Min/Max Dishwasher Thermometer with LCD Display and color coded LED alarms, +/- 0.5C, 0C to +90C

Part #: PTDW2
This thermometer is used for measuring plate surface temperatures during commercial dishwasher cycle (more...)
$40.00 (USD)
$54.00 (CAD)

Min-Max Glycol Vaccine Thermometer

Part #: MA0381G
The Min-Max Glycol Vaccine thermometer is more than just an ordinary Min/Max Glycol thermometer. It (more...)
$85.00 (USD)
$114.75 (CAD)

Marathon Min-Max Plus Thermometer with probe and real-time LCD Display

Part #: MA0381
The Min-Max and Min-Max Plus are reliable and cost-effective digital thermometers. They are availab (more...)
$65.00 (USD)
$87.75 (CAD)

Marathon Min-Max Thermometer with real-time LCD Display

Part #: MA0380
The Min-Max and Min-Max Plus are reliable and cost-effective digital thermometers. They are availab (more...)
$16.00 (USD)
$21.60 (CAD)

Audible Refrigerator & Freezer Alarm

Part #: PTA20
Designed to monitor the temperature of Refrigerators and/or Freezers, our Refrigerator/Freezer Therm (more...)
$16.50 (USD)
$22.28 (CAD)

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer -0C to +200C

Part #: DTP-392
This probe cooking thermometer is perfect for roasts and other meats as well as candy making and dee (more...)
$25.00 (USD)
$33.75 (CAD)

Programmable Thermometer with probe plus Timer, 0 to +250C

Part #: DTP-482
Perfect for roasting or grilling. Choose the type of meat or poultry and the doneness desired. The u (more...)
$26.00 (USD)
$35.10 (CAD)

Thermometer,Combo Probe Timer & Clock, -10 to +200°C

Part #: DTTC
This Combo Thermometer is perfect for roasts & other meats for the oven and the barbecue as well as (more...)
$23.00 (USD)
$31.05 (CAD)

Refrigerator/Freezer Display Thermometer

Part #: FG80
To ensure food is stored at ideal and safe temperatures, this thermometer measures the internal temp (more...)
$4.50 (USD)
$6.08 (CAD)