Scigiene distributes a wide range of thermometers from compact, accurate (+-0.5C) and fast response pocket thermometers, up to high accuracy Pt100 RTD and Thermocouple themometers with standard or customizable probes. Additionally we supply a wide selection of precision Infra Red thermometers, some with dual sensing capability allowing them to measure IR and thermocouple readings simultaneously. Many models are waterproof and all can be supplied with certification traceable to N.I.S.T.

Sub Categories

Pocket Thermometers

An excellent range of compact pocket sized Digital and Dial thermometers with features varying from waterproof, to fast response, large LCD displays, recalibrations and high durability to the most ba (more...)

Min/Max Display Thermometers

Essential tools for the food industry, our Digital Probe Thermometers feature heat-resistant stainless steel probes that provide an accurate instant readout of internal temperatures during the cooking (more...)

Hand Held Thermocouple/RTD Thermometers

These hand held Digital Thermometers are waterproof and dust resistant. The protective rubber boots make these thermometers ideal for plant environments.

InfraRed Thermometers

Scigienes new Food Inspector’s series Infra-Red thermometers are the most accurate I.R. thermometers available. This is possible due to the narrower temperature range and special calibration of each u (more...)

Datalogging Thermometers

Scigiene offers some excellent datalogging thermometers. While our excellent range of dataloggers and wireless system meet these needs most of the time, sometimes you need a hand held unit where you (more...)

Type K + RTD Temperature Probes

Scigiene supplies a wide range of probes for thermocouples (type KJT etc.) RTD's and thermistors for all our own equipment as well as for many other temperature monitoring devices. The units listed he (more...)

Custom Probes

Scigiene can offer a wide range of standard probes for our wide range of data logger, thermometer and wireless devices. We can also offer customized probes to meet almost any design requirement. Do n (more...)