Microbiology Accessories

Microbiology Accessories

Here are listed an array of the various accessory equipment for use with Scigienes Microbiology products, pipettors, incubators, stomachers vortexer and more. If you need specialized equipment for your program please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Part #: BKR-93-XXXX
Made of strong, medical grade polypropylene, autoclavable. Tri-corner design provides three dripless (more...)

Scigiene Collapsible Swab Extender

Part #: SCS-EXT
Scigiene Swab Extenders are easy-to-use collapsible reaching aids, available in multiple lengths, en (more...)

Test Tubes

Part #: BKR-12-XXXX
Tubes: made of medical grade polystyrene or polypropylene Caps: made of medical grade polyethylene

50ml Glass Graduated Cylinder

Part #: SC-55303
This 50mL graduated cylinder increments are 5 mL with a measuring accuracy of 0.5mL. It comes with a (more...)
$11.00 (USD)
$14.85 (CAD)

Autoclave with built-in water tank 18L

Part #: BM-AL18
This 18 liter Autoclave offers 4 cycle options (standard programs), which are pre-set for the steril (more...)
$6,150.00 (USD)
$8,302.50 (CAD)

Compact Centrifuge with 8 x 15ml fixed angle rotor, 115V

Part #: BM-Z207-A
Unlike traditional clinical centrifuges the increased speed capability (4445xg) of the Sprint™ 8 PLU (more...)
$2,310.00 (USD)
$3,118.50 (CAD)

Cryogenic Boxes

Part #: MB-R2081/MB-R2100/MB-C2581
New ultra-low temperature storage boxes are designed to hold 1.2mL to 2.0mL cryogenic storage vials. (more...)

Erlenmeyer Flasks, Variety Pack

Part #: VW-75870-512
Erlenmeyer Flasks are durable and come with reinforced rim for easy pouring and also avoids any brea (more...)

Infrared Sterilizer - 150W

Part #: ST15014
Scigiene infrared sterilizer adopts international advanced design concepts and manufacturing technol (more...)
$135.01 (USD)
$182.26 (CAD)

Infrared Sterilizer - 240W

Part #: ST10035
Scigiene infrared sterilizer adopts international advanced design concepts and manufacturing technol (more...)
$169.01 (USD)
$228.16 (CAD)

Petri Dishes, Sterile (100 mm diam)

Part #: BM-BP94S-01
Petri Dishes, Sterile
$118.67 (USD)
$160.20 (CAD)

PYREX® Beaker - Variety Pack

Part #: VW-89091-542
PYREX, Type I Class A Borosilicate glass, 1X each of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 600ml and 1000ml

PYREX® Graduated Cylinders - Variety Pack

Part #: VW-77777-014
PYREX, Type I Class A Borosilicate glass, 1X ea. 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml

Storage Racks and Boxes

Part #: Various - See Below
The Freezer/Storage Boxes are suitable for refrigerator and freezer storage as low as -80˚C, these b (more...)

Autoclave & Biohazard Bags

Part #: Various - See Below
These high temperature autoclavable bags are manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene material th (more...)

BowTie™ Biohazard Autoclave Bag, Orange 25 x 35in

Part #: MB-A8001R
The BowTie™ Biohazard Bags exclusive drawstring loops provide an instant cinch closure and easy remo (more...)
$159.43 (USD)
$215.23 (CAD)

Hygiena Swab Cooler Bag

Part #: ATP-351
Carrying Case and cooler for your Swabs and SystemSure. Ideal for those of you on the go to protect (more...)
$40.42 (USD)
$54.57 (CAD)

Soft Nitrile Examination Gloves

Ambidextrous gloves protect hands from a broad range of chemicals and biohazards. •Ambidextrous •Pow (more...)